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Its that time! 
Time to get physically ready for our 2020 season.  This year’s conditioning is even more important than in prior years as some of us truly need to re-condition our bodies to be as physically active as our season will demand.  The following four day workout is meant to be done every week through the month of June.  Modify as you need to, keeping in mind that form is more important than number of reps.  The workouts should become easier as they are repeated and you get stronger.  Remember to warm-up and stretch prior to each workout and to stretch after each workout.  For an added challenge, find a 20-30 minute yoga workout to add for a 5th day.  All the conditioning will be done from home as the limitations to on campus group workouts make our traditional conditioning impossible.  Email or text me if you have questions about the workout.  I challenge you to push yourself to get faster, stronger, and more powerful!! 






  • All physicals that were valid through the end of the school year are now valid through July 27.
  • Athletes that are new to the program will need to have a physical prior to participating in volleyball related activities. 
  • Athletes whose physical was set to expire prior to the end of the school year will need to have a physical prior to participating in volleyball related activities.



  • Details to come as we receive communication from the state and county.
  • We have priority for gym time as a Fall sport
  • We will try to have a few open gym times prior to tryouts
  • As soon as we can get on the court, we will!



  • Will start June 1st
  • Guide will be posted on our website to be followed by the players 4 days a week
  • All exercises will be body weight and will not require the use of


Times/Dates TBD:  New Gym
rising freshman, new to the program and returning players
**see link below to register for try-outs**


Preseason Tournament
7/23, 7/24 - PM waves; 7/25 - all day:  All Gyms

Times TBD:  Presidential Gym

Times TBD:  Presidential Gym


2020 Harrison Volleyball Try-Outs

Please register if you plan on attending tryouts in May, the dates provided above. Rising freshman, Harrison students new to program and returning players must all fill out the registration form.

Harrison Hoya Volleyball - Booster Club

Welcome to the new website for the 2006, 2016, 2017 Georgia State Champions -  Lady Hoya Volleyball.   Our new website will encompass all things Harrison Volleyball - Varsity, JV, Jr Hoyas and Boys.  Check back often as we will update regularly with dates, tryout information, registrations for tryouts and camps, and payment information for the Hoya Volleyball Booster Club.   

Lori Payne

President, HHS Volleyball Booster Club

Penny Iorillo

President, HHS Volleyball Booster Club

CONTACT THE COACH for Team Related Questions

Josh Hawk

Josh Hawk

Athletic Director, HHS

Phone: 678.594.8104

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